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Typical Financing Situations

Typical financing situations in which CSP can offer

tailor-made financing solutions are e.g:

Succession Arrangements

Especially for an owner-managed company, it is often difficult to find the right successor. In such situations CSP offers the financing of an MBI / MBO solution in which the new management team has a long-term, active financing partner at its side.

Growth Financing

CSP offers long-term growth capital for medium-sized companies in the form of silent participations or loans for the independent and flexible implementation of your strategic goals. This can be, for example, the development of new products, the entry into new markets or the implementation of a digitization strategy within the framework of an industry 4.0 solution.



In certain situations it may also be necessary for a company with a healthy core to strengthen its capital base or to replace other financing. In such situations, CSP can offer flexible solutions that enable the strengthening of equity capital.